Entomology visit

Today we had an entomologist visit our class, it was Caitlin’s Dad! Entomology is the scientific study of insects.

We went on a great bug hunt around school and Richard brought in lots of the equipment he uses out in the field. We collected different bugs using a large net, a vacuum sampler and a pooter. Then we looked closely at what we had collected. We took a selection of these back to the class to see them up close under a microscope. We looked at the different features of different bugs, the body, the head, the legs and the antennae and whether it had wings or not…

Richard brought in a variety of species that he had collected when out in the field. We looked at a range of moths and even had an elephant in the classroom…well nearly anyway. It was an Elephant Hawk Moth! Why not google them to see what they look like, they really are beautiful.

A HUGE thank you to Richard for spending the morning with us and giving us the opportunity to sample the school grounds to see what species live in our outdoor areas.

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