Our value this week was thankfulness

We wrote a class prayer to say what we were thankful for:

Dear God,

Thank you for my friends who I love playing with every day (Leesha).

Thank you for our brothers and sisters who encourage us daily (Ellis)

Thank you for my family who serves everyone in my family food (Nathan)

Thank you for all the lovely trips that we get to go on (Roxanne)

Thank you that we get to play with lots of different toys and have fun! (Armarniyah)

Thank you to Mummy and Daddy for letting me be who I want to be (John).

Thank you for all the nice teachers (Maisie)

Thank you for the homes that we live in (Lucy).

Thank you that we have food and drink (Tiam)



Harvest 2015!

What an overwhelming response we have had to our Harvest donations this year. From the bottom of our heart we send you a humongous thank you for being the change you want to see in the world! 

Thanks to YOU, many, many families will feel the love this Harvest time by receiving your donations. 

What a huge impact working together has on our local communities. 


We are looking forward to welcoming Rev Dave and Rev Sharon with us tomorrow to celebrate Harvest Festival in an extended collective worship in school.

Miss Mason 



Today we had a visitor in our class, his name is Rev Dave.

Reverend Dave came to reception today to welcome all our new children to school. He told us all about what he did for his job and the children were very excited to tell Reverend Dave about times when they had been to church. Next week Reverend Sharon will be visiting reception. Rev Dave and Rev Sharon alternate to hold our collective worship on a Tuesday in school.



Easter with Rev Sharon

 Rev’ Sharon came to visit reception to introduce our Easter topic this week. She told us all about Holy Week and shared the Easter story with us. She told us why Easter was a very special time for Christians and also told us how Easter eggs help to remind us of an empty tomb and Jesus being alive again (resurrected). 

We then baked hot cross buns and talked about the cross and what it reminds us of! We are tasting them today, why not ask your child to give an adjective (describing word) for what it tasted like?