Story time in the shade

Well, the temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius today, we could certainly feel the heat. So at story time we went and sat under one of our trees in the outdoor area and had some stories in the shade. We really enjoyed joining in with the story The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Oi! Get off our train by John Burningham. 



‘Hooptastic’ fun in the outdoor area!

Today we have been developing our skills at manoeuvring the hoops. We have moved them in lots of different ways. We have rolled them to see how far they can travel without falling over. We have been throwing them up in the air and catching them with our other hand. We have been learning how to spin a hoop on our arm and also spin a hoop on the spot. We have even skipped with the hoops!


It’s snowing!!!

“We went out in the snow on the field. We rolled a really big snowball. It got bigger and bigger when we rolled. At the side it made a spiral, a round line” Shayenna.

” It was crunchy when we walked in the snow.” Rory.

“We rolled a ball. Then we rolled another ball. It was heavy when it got bigger and bigger.” Ivy.

“It was snowing. It felt cold.” Gerardas.

Thank you to Shayenna, Rory, Ivy and Gerardas for doing the blog this week!