Partitioning numbers to understand their place value

We have also been looking at building teen numbers with Numicon this week. We were looking at teen numbers and thinking carefully about what the 1 stood for in a teen number. We found out that to make 14 it wasn’t a 1 and a 4 (as that makes 5) but actually it was a 10 and a 4. We decided that the zero from 10 must be hiding behind the 4! After building the teen number with Numicon we then partitioned it on our whiteboards. Some children could even partition higher numbers.  Here are some of our photos: 


Counting on… 


Gerardas, Aarav and Max learnt how to add by counting on. They could even write the ‘switcher’ e.g 2+3 =5 and 3+2=5. They were really proud when we went to visit Mr Spink and he gave them a reward wristband each for their fantastic learning! We definitely have some amazing mathematicians in our class- keep up the good work boys!  

What is counting on? 

If for example we have 5 pink cubes and 2 blue cubes we can count on from the bigger number to find out how many cubes we have altogether so 5… Count on…6,7! 

It’s snowing!!!

“We went out in the snow on the field. We rolled a really big snowball. It got bigger and bigger when we rolled. At the side it made a spiral, a round line” Shayenna.

” It was crunchy when we walked in the snow.” Rory.

“We rolled a ball. Then we rolled another ball. It was heavy when it got bigger and bigger.” Ivy.

“It was snowing. It felt cold.” Gerardas.

Thank you to Shayenna, Rory, Ivy and Gerardas for doing the blog this week!











A great Christmas maths game!

Have a look at this website, it has a selection of christmas activities that vary in levels that are also suitable for reception!! Have fun!

Click on the Snowman and Christmas Tree for reception appropriate activities. The bauble also has some appropriate games such as the ‘Match 1 more and Match 1 less’ bauble activities. These are great starting points! When you are confident on all these activities you may like to explore the other activities on there!

And here is a lovely counting game. Can you give Teddy the correct number of presents?