Day 1 of our focused ‘Arts Week’ with Mrs J!

Day 1: a treasure hunt took us around the school grounds to find clues so that we could work out what our focus book for the week would be. This week we have looked at the story ‘Leaf’. We listened to the story around the pond. After our treasure hunt we made tints of grey, one of the main characters in the story is a crow. We used black and white paint to make different shades of grey. We also worked cooperatively to create a crow model using cardboard. Then we played bird bingo where we looked closely at different species of birds. Finally we did a ‘blind observational drawing’ of a feather where we had to look only at the feather not our drawing. Then we did a continuous drawing of a feather where we weren’t allowed to take our pen/pencil off the paper at all. What a great first day in the art studio!

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