If you go down to Allerton’s pond today…

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Today we have been to visit our pond to see what creatures we could find. Initially the children focused on the different plants in the pond but they were encouraged to look carefully and closely and they were really excited to find lots of tadpoles swimming around. The children were so excited that they then started to look for frogs. Joshua said “but how did the tadpoles get here if there are no frogs that we can find?”, some children thought that the frogs might be hiding amongst the greenery around the pond and others thought that they might be having a sleep somewhere. Aysel and Soma both said “ssshhh we’ve got to keep quiet because tadpoles are babies and we don’t want to scare them”. Can you remember the other creature that we saw skating on top of the pond? We will keep visiting the pond to watch the tadpoles grow.Next week we will continue our learning and take a look under water to see what creatures we can find both in small ponds and large oceans.

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