We we had a very exciting afternoon with some special visitors to Reception and Year 1. The RNLI taught us all about what they do and how to keep safe near water. Ask your child if they can remember what each of the flags means?

Red and yellow: means that you can swim between the flags with a lifeguard watching.

Black and white: safe area for surfboards and kayaks to be (but not swimmers!)

Red flag: means no swimming!

The wind sock shows the direction of wind and says no inflatables, this is because the wind may sweep you out to sea.

Did you know that if you ever need help in the water that you have to use one hand to swim and the other to hold straight up in the air and wave from the shoulder, not bending the elbow, this is a universal signal for help. Lifeguards around the world all know this signal and don’t forget to shout HELP! at the top of your voice.

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