Kitchen Disco story café

Thank you to everyone for attending our first EYFS assembly this morning followed by our story café. It was great to see so many relatives attending today and joining in with the children’s learning. At today’s story café we have tried lots of different fruits, made our own kitchen disco maracas, danced ‘like we just don’t care’ (a line from the story), have done fruit printing, fruit drawings/ labels and played musical instruments.

Our EYFS assembly will be happening at the same time next week please do join us again. As we did today, drop your children off in class then go to the café for a cup of tea or coffee. We will meet you in the hall for our EYFS assembly (9-9.20am) and then give you a big cuddle and say ‘see you after school’.

We will keep you up to date with when the next story café or stay and play session will be!

Dont forget to sign up for the maths workshops, in the cloakroom, happening next Thursday 3.30-4.15pm or 5.00-5.45pm in Reception.

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