Pizza for pirates

This week we have been learning all about the book Pizza for Pirates! The children have been to our school café and have been learning how to cook pizzas. The children had to write a list of ingredients prior to cooking of what we would need. We used the BBC good food website to help us! After making our pizzas we wrote a set of instructions using time connectives e.g. First, then, next, finally.

The children have been developing their independence well as Mr Smith’s room is currently set up as a year one transition classroom, all classes are timetabled in here and this is helping the children to develop their independence during given tasks. It is important that the children ar remembering all the features of writing e.g. Capital letter, finger spaces, sounding out the whole word carefully and adding full stops. Children are then asked to read back what they have written as this helps children to develop the skills to proof read their work and make corrections.


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