Fee fi fo fum! We have been planting our very own magical bean stalks this week.



This week in Reception we have read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have really loved reading this traditional tale. We think the traditional tales should be read over and over again in the early years, they are great fun to read and the children love joining in with their repeated refrains such as “fee fi fo fum”. This week we have been learning about growing and have learnt that plants need sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil to grow. We learnt that the stem grows up towards the sun and the roots grow downwards into the soil. This week we have planted some beans and we are watching our beanstalks carefully to see if they grow up to the castle we have placed there. We hope we won’t have too many giants in our classroom!

Our planters in the outdoor area are looking beautiful and we have been talking about looking carefully after all the plants that are growing outside. We have been practicing using our looking eyes and not our picking fingers to look closely at the beautiful tulips. Mrs Willis has even spotted the start of our poppies growing. They really are magnificent when they grow. We are watching carefully to see them turn from seedlings into the poppy.

Thank you to Ezra and his mummy for donating some wild flower seeds. We can’t wait to find a space for them to grow!

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