Shrove Tuesday … pancakes galore!

A huge thank you to Mr Magnall for working very hard over the last few weeks to get our blog back up and running. I’m now thrilled to be able to share with you photos from what we have been doing in our class since the start of this half term.

On the morning of Shrove Tuesday Rev Dave spoke to the children about the origins of pancake day and the traditions linked to it. We held a pancake flipping challenge and the children counted how many flips the pancake made. It was very exciting and tense as we watched to see who would be the ‘pancake flipping’ winner.

Back in the classroom the children combined a very exciting pancake tasting activity with learning about our value of self control.

We took our own spin on “The Marshmallow Test” and children were given the option to eat half a pancake straight away or wait for 5 mins (with the half a pancake in front of them) and receive a full pancake. The children loved taking part in this ‘willpower’ activity and nearly everyone was able to wait 5 mins. See our values page for more information about this on the self-control values newsletter.

The children all used different strategies to help them show self-control, some children sang songs and others refused to look at the pancake whilst they waited patiently. Children were allowed to choose their own topping for their pancake which they thoroughly enjoyed.


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