Crime Scene Investigation

The  Reception classroom this week has been under close observation with our crime scene. Following our police visit, the police asked Reception to become agents and to help them find out who committed the crime by carefully analysing the suspects that the police gave us.

The children have written fact sheets about the police, completed ‘evidence found’ sheets for the police and produced wanted posters to catch the prime suspect in the case.

The children all had their Agent photographs taken (they weren’t allowed to smile, just like in passport photos).

Using the evidence (size 12 footprints, porridge oats, a blue headband, a cracked egg and a rotten banana skin) the children worked out that it must have been suspect Goldilocks and they believe she came to steal one of our chicken eggs and a snack from our snack tray. Thankfully, the police have used our wanted posters to find Golilocks and she had been given another warning for eating other people’s food (she had only just received one warning for eating the three bears’ porridge and breaking their chair).

Fantastic investigating reception!

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