Birdwatch 2017

This week we are taking part in the big birdwatch.

The children listened to the Christian Creation story from the book of Genesis where it told the story of how God created the Earth. The story spoke specifically about the things that fly including the birds. We looked at the book “My First Book of Garden Birds” and saw how there were so many different kinds of birds. We learnt that you can recognise a bird not just by looking at it but by listening to the different sounds that they make.

Today, in groups we made our very own bird feeders which we will be hanging in our outdoor area to attract the local wildlife. We will be writing instructions to teach other people how to make bird feeders now that we are experts and will be looking closely with our binoculars to recognise the wildlife in our outdoor area.

Our value this week is thankfulness and we thought about the different people and animals that we were thankful for in our lives.

IMG_3625 IMG_3632 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3641 IMG_3654 IMG_3662 IMG_3665 IMG_3672

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