A HUGE thank you for all the lovely presents and cards that you have bought myself and the team. Your generosity has overwhelmed us all and you have made us feel truly special and valued. It has been a real honour working with your children and seeing them blossom throughout the year. They have had so much fun this year and have really enjoyed their year in Reception, and so have we! I wish them all the best as they start year one, keep up with your number, reading and writing where you can during the summer, it’s very important to exercise our brains too! 

Can you make me a promise…..? Make sure you have an absolutely fantastic summer holidays, enjoy your time together as a family and have fun! Explore and go on an adventure or two. 

You might wonder what a teacher does in the holidays, well I’ll be heading to New Zealand, where it’s actually going to be winter! And Mrs Woodthorpe is heading camping and going abroad to Ibiza too with her family. We hope you have some exciting summer plans, whether they are local or more far afield. Mrs Elfilali is heading to Morocco to go and visit her family. We’ll be back in school once the building works are all complete ready to reconstruct our classrooms for the next academic year. We have now handed over our classroom to the builders in school ready for redecorating and an extension for the third reception class next year. 

Once again many thanks from everyone in the EYFS team, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach each and every child this year. I have lots of happy memories of this year and hope you all do too. Well done Reception on a wonderful first year at ‘big school’, you have been awesome! 

Best wishes to all the children and parents, 

Miss Mason 

(P.S Sophie, I’ll return the cake box to you, I promise!)   

4 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. thank you and the team for everything you have done for Lucy – you are amazing! have a fantastic holiday – you are gong to climb some awesome mountains!

  2. Hi
    Honestly your are amazing teacher and u made school interesting for Nathan. He really loves you and doesn’t wanna leave u.
    Actually I m very lucky and Nathan too to have u and Mrs. Woodthorp too.
    Have an amazing time away and I m sure will see u soon

  3. Miss Mason , Mrs Woodthorpe and Rest of the staff team
    You have done a tremendous job this year and the impact you have had on our daughter is beyond any words I can express. I’m completely in awe and grateful for all the hard work and effort you have all put in. Its more than just a job…the commitment, patience and love that you all had for each child.. speechless! And to see each child blossom and develop through out the year was evident for all to see. I’m touched.
    God bless you all greatly .
    Much love xxx

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