Harlow Carr

We had such a wonderful day (despite the weather!) at Harlow Carr Gardens. The children got on their raincoats and wellies and headed out into the Great British Weather, participated in a workshop all about the senses and explored the Gardens.

In the morning, we had a workshop with Louise who taught us about senses, we got to meet Onion who was a smelly puppet who had no friends. We helped him smell better by heading out to the Herb gardens and creating our own perfumes! Then we went on a treasure hunt in the woods and picked up all of the wonderful things we could find into our bucket. We later stuck them onto crowns.

There were statues, flowers, treehouses and bird hides to discover in the afternoon and the children were so excited about everything that they could see! We couldn’t believe how fast the stream was following that runs through Harlow Carr due to all the rain, the waterfalls were gushing!

What an exciting day, thanks to all the Parent Volunteers and all the staff at Harlow Carr.

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