Fairtrade Fortnight

Yesterday we kicked off our brand new topic learning all about Fairtrade! We discussed in circle time about how Farmers don’t always get paid what they should for all of their hard work and we agreed that when possible we should buy foods that have the special Fairtrade logo on them! The fun continued in our brand new provision area, The Fairtrade Cafe where the children get to be waiters, customers and chefs using fairtrade foods.

Our adult-led activity this afternoon focused on fairness and we shared out cubes in our Maths groups to see who could build the tallest tower based on the cubes that they had been given. We asked the question “Is this fair?” and the children had to show a smiley face or a sad face to say whether it was fair or not. We discussed why it was/wasn’t and we also learned some new maths terminology. With a focus on “one less”. Can you ask your children what one less would mean? You could play some practical games at home with objects/toys.

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