Temple Newsham Farm! 

We went to visit Temple Newsham farm for a farm tour. We looked at all the different animals. Paying particular attention to the sheep for our nativity  ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. We listened to the sounds the animals made and even got to touch the animals. After we had to wash our hands really carefully with soap and water.

Use the pictures as a prompt to get your child to give you a ‘virtual farm tour’ on your tablet/ iPhone/ laptop.

IMAG1512 IMAG1511 IMAG1508 IMAG1507 IMAG1505 IMAG1504 IMAG1502 IMAG1501


1 thought on “Temple Newsham Farm! 

  1. Lottie has had a lovely time at Temple Newsam farm today, she was very excited to tell us about it when she came home. She told us about the tiny piglets under the warm lamp, the sheep, she saw a princess castle and also told us that baby Jesus was there because it was a stable.
    Thank you for all the exciting experiences

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