Skipping in action! 

Outdoor learning: alongside doing our mile run every day, the reception and nursery children have been working towards their skipping awards in the outdoor area. Our school is one of Nike’s ambassador schools for Physical Education, we have been recognizing what happens to our heart rate when we exercise. Why not ask your child what they have found when they exercise? Why is it important to lead an active lifestyle?

Lottie can even turn at the same time as skipping, wow! Mrs Elfilali inspired us with her skipping skills in our star of the week assembly.

We all like to count how many skips our friends do and encourage them to earn their awards. We encourage each other to keep trying to get even better! We have seen a lot of persistence and motivation through these awards.

Awards: Bronze (10 skips), Silver (20 skips) and Gold (50 skips).

Skipping awards are given out weekly in our star of the week assembly on a Friday at 9am.


1 thought on “Skipping in action! 

  1. Oh wow! Lottie, that is amazing we are very proud of your new skipping talent.
    I really enjoyed coming to the star of the week assembly and seeing everyone’s brilliant skipping. Thank you

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