Our first ever school trip! Moor Allerton Library here we come!

We really enjoyed visiting the library today. We listened to the story Funnybones and even got to play musical instruments in the library to play along to the Funnybones song. Can you sing the song to your family or teach a younger/ older sibling how to do it?

The Toe Bone’s connected to the- Foot Bone

The Foot Bone’s connected to the Leg Bone

The Leg Bone’s connected to the Hip Bone

The Hip Bone’s connected to the Back Bone

The Librarian’s challenge: How many bones do you have in your body? Comment on here with your answer (yes that’s right, it’s another chance to earn house points!)

Thank you to Mikey’s Mummy Louisa, Declan’s Mummy Donna, Jayden’s Mummy Jessica, Sophie’s Mummy Lindsay, Tara’s Mummy and Kamilla’s Mummy for all coming along to help with our trip. Without your support we would not be able to do such wonderful excursions so a huge thank you for giving up your time to come in and support our class. We really enjoyed having you with us!

4 thoughts on “Our first ever school trip! Moor Allerton Library here we come!

  1. My mummy has 206 bones but a baby has 270 but they stick together as you get older

    Thank you for taking us to the library it was great fun

    • Great researching Lucy!!

      How did you find out that fact? (Did you find it in a book, on the internet or by asking someone?)
      I love finding out new facts!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed your first trip to the library, now you can use your phonics to read the words in your book that you have chosen!

  2. Oh wow! A really exciting day Lottie was really excited to tell us about her trip to the library, Lottie loves to go to the library with her Daddy.

    • We love the library too Lottie. It’s great that you get to have that special time to go with your Daddy to go. Now that you are such a great reader you could even read him a story!

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