Counting on… 


Gerardas, Aarav and Max learnt how to add by counting on. They could even write the ‘switcher’ e.g 2+3 =5 and 3+2=5. They were really proud when we went to visit Mr Spink and he gave them a reward wristband each for their fantastic learning! We definitely have some amazing mathematicians in our class- keep up the good work boys!  

What is counting on? 

If for example we have 5 pink cubes and 2 blue cubes we can count on from the bigger number to find out how many cubes we have altogether so 5… Count on…6,7! 

1 thought on “Counting on… 

  1. Wow Aarav you’ve really done Mummy proud. Well done all of you! Lot of effort from the teachers too in helping them learn:)

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